RxING Practice Tool

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Click HERE to access the RxING Practice Tool.


In 2013, the original RxING study, entitled “Pharmacist intervention for glycemic control in the community,” was the first to investigate independent prescribing by pharmacists for diabetes care. Pharmacists systemically identified patients with poor glycemic control, prescribed insulin, and provided intensive education and support to attain adherence. As a result, patients receiving this care achieved significantly improved glycemic control.  This is particularly important for two reasons. First, blood sugar control will reduce the potential for other life-altering consequences, including fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular events like stroke and myocardial infarction. Second, pharmacists are highly accessible within the community and are well-positioned to play a bigger role in chronic disease management.

Following this, the RxING Practice Tool is an up-and-coming tool for pharmacists to monitor the glycemic control and cardiovascular event risk of their diabetic patients. Equipped with documentation forms, interactive risk calculators and well-designed reports, it will be easier to involve and support their patients, while also simplifying documentation and care planning. More importantly, the Practice Tool will serve as a comprehensive database to further monitor and quantify the impact of pharmacists in diabetes care at the local and global level, so that pharmacy practice can continue to develop in an evidence based manner.