Community Health Research

What Investigators Are Saying About Us: Community Health Research

“The support from the EPICORE Centre has made it possible for our group of front-line full-time clinicians with limited knowledge and experience in research to begin carrying out a RCT assessing pharmacy practice in the community. They have helped us demonstrate that you don’t need to be doing a Master’s or working at a University in order to do proper research – with the EPICORE Centre support it is possible to do research from the front-lines.”

Dr. Dan Burton Community pharmacist, Calgary

“As pharmacists, we know the difference we can make. But gathering evidence of our positive im-pact on the health and wellness of our patients is essential to support and advance the profes-sion. However, implementing primary research in practice can be a challenging task. The EPICORE Centre helped me to overcome these challenges. They provided excellent support throughout the process, were easy to work with and delivered the expertise I needed to incorporate research into my community practice.”

Colter Young Community pharmacist, Edmonton

“Our team is composed of three AHS employees, two nurse practitioners and one registered nurse, all providing direct patient care. We were selected to participate in the AHS Research Challenge for novice researchers. Our team experienced initial difficulty with developing our research design but fortunately connected with the ABSPORU in May of 2018 and received invaluable support and direction in developing our research design, proposal, and operationalizing our text-based intervention. ABSPORU provided a great deal of phone and email support throughout this process. Working with ABSPORU support was crucial for getting this team’s research off the ground!”

Gillian Douglas Public Health Nurse, Alberta Health Services, Grand Prairie

“The consultation services provided guidance and helped focus the community based project I had proposed. The team was able to help me strategize and revise the plan to meet the budget and the study objectives. Through the networking of the team I was able to successfully run the project through pharmacies throughout Alberta. The project was larger, more successful, and more efficient than projects I had been involved with before.”


Dr. Cheryl Sadowski Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Alberta