Our Projects

Cumulative List of All EPICORE Projects

Ace InhibitorCompleted
ACES and AppendicitisCompleted
Advanced Cancer StagingCompleted
AFib cohortCompleted
Agitation & Tobacco WithdrawalCompleted
C.V. AwarenessCompleted
Cardioversion Wait List StudyCompleted
CHIHI - Discharge DatabaseCompleted
Creating Supports for Change and TransitionCompleted
CSF – Meningitis, EncephalitisCompleted
Dept. of Medicine DatabaseCompleted
DOPPLER StudyCompleted
Dumper ENTCompleted
Early Fibrinogen transfusions in Trauma Patients Completed
Facial TraumaCompleted
Firefighter Lung Project - MedicineCompleted
Glaucoma and Robot Prostatectomy - AnesthesiologyCompleted
Immunotherapy in Cat Allergy SubjectsCompleted
Insulin ProtocolCompleted
LipSplitScar StudyCompleted
Mandibulotomy - Friend or FoeCompleted
MAp StudyCompleted
NeuroSugery - MatnajCompleted
Nursing Project - JamesCompleted
Pharmacist Hypertension ProjectCompleted
PICU - Fever StudyCompleted
Pregnancy RisksCompleted
Rats IVSCompleted
Statin UtilizationCompleted
Supporting Vulnerable Children - AI-HSCompleted
Surgery PracticeCompleted
The Optics of Transdisciplinary Behaviours in…Completed
Treatment & Control of hypertension in the ElderlyCompleted
Validation of a Risk Model for Mode of DeathCompleted
HESA Study - Abbott LabsABBOTTCompleted
HESA Study - Abbott LabsABBOTTCompleted
Parent Burden RSV - ABBOTTABBOTTCompleted
Comparison of Scan MethodsAbdul, ACompleted
Clopidogrel following Coronary StentingAckman, MCompleted
Pharmacy Student SurveysAckman, MCompleted
Pharmacy/Cardiologist Focus GroupsAckman, MCompleted
Epilepsy Clinical DatabaseAhmed, NCompleted
VRR WorksiteAHS CV-SCNCompleted
Osteoporosis (2003)Alagiakrishnan, KCompleted
Prevention of DeliriumAlagiakrishnan, KCompleted
T.V. ComparisonAllen, MCompleted
Reducing RestraintsAnderson, C/Leung SCompleted
Breast ImplantAnzarut, ACompleted
HCV Infection and Facial TraumaAnzarut, ACompleted
Scarring after sternotomyAnzarut, ACompleted
S.V.G.Appoo, JCompleted
CAPTORSArmstrong, PCompleted
WESTArmstrong, PCompleted
HELP StudyAshton, TCompleted
ICU Frailty StudyBagshaw, SCompleted
Liver TransplantationBagshaw, SCompleted
HepCBailey, DCompleted
PhotoGraphBeard, KCompleted
REGAINBeaupre, LCompleted
LV StrainBecher, HCompleted
VAT SurgeryBedard, ECompleted
Hyperglycemia & OncologyBergstrom, DCompleted
Metformin and ExerciseBoule, NCompleted
Bowering Diabetes ProjectBowering, KCompleted
CAMERABraam, BCompleted
Paralysis in GastroschisisBratu, ICompleted
Gulf War Vets and CFS DatabasesBroderick, GCompleted
Metformin and ExerciseBroule, NCompleted
Propensity AnalysisBrown, NCompleted
Low Back Pain StudyBullard, MCompleted
AMS - Patient Opinion SurveyBungard, TCompleted
AMS Anticoagulant ControlBungard, TCompleted
AMS Benchmarking for ClotBungard, TCompleted
AMS Eval. of Main.Dosing vs LoadingBungard, TCompleted
AMS HAS-BLEDBungard, TCompleted
AMS On the way to practice changeBungard, TCompleted
AMS Physician SurveyBungard, TCompleted
AMS Point of CareBungard, TCompleted
AMS Satellite ClinicsBungard, TCompleted
Assessment of Atrial Fibrillation managementBungard, TCompleted
Bleed RiskBungard, TCompleted
Blood Pressure Assessment in the Anticoagulated PatientBungard, TCompleted
EASE AnalysisBungard, TCompleted
LMWH in pregnancyBungard, TCompleted
Patient Self-Management of WarfarinBungard, TCompleted
Warfarin Knowledge SurveyBungard, TCompleted
Diagnosis of Accuracy of Cardiac MRIButler, CCompleted
ROC CurveButler, CCompleted
Angioembolization/SpleenCadili, ACompleted
Endo Aneurysm Repair - SurgeryCadili, ACompleted
Melanoma StudyCadili, ACompleted
NasogastricCadili, ACompleted
Pancreatic cystCadili, ACompleted
SLNBCadili, ACompleted
Spleen StudyCadili, ACompleted
Paravertebral Blocks/Breast CancerCameron, JCompleted
Supraclavicular Brachial PlexusCameron, JCompleted
GP PracticeCampbell-Scherer, DCompleted
CHIRP Clinical DatabaseCasey, LCompleted
MESHChao, JCompleted
Scalpel and CauteryChao, JCompleted
MSS (Maternal Serum Screen)Chari, RCompleted
Evidence trendChowdhury, RCompleted
Contrast Stress EchoChoy, JCompleted
ECHO - AFChoy, JCompleted
Echo Clinical DatabaseChoy, JCompleted
Echo Contract StudyChoy, JCompleted
Echo StatsChoy, JCompleted
T-Echo StudyChoy, JCompleted
TEE EmboliChoy, JCompleted
Surg. MenoChubaty, ACompleted
Head and Neck DatabaseCOMPRUCompleted
Suppression of Myocardial F-FDG uptakeCoulden, RCompleted
VRR WorksiteCV-SCN/Padwal, RCompleted
Heart Function Clinic ProjectDewart, KCompleted
Ulcerative Colitis and PrebioticsDieleman, LCompleted
Regional Anesthesia DatabaseDillane, DCompleted
DementiaDrummond, JCompleted
Families First EdmontonDrummond, JCompleted
Control of PPHDryden, ACompleted
Globus PharyngisDumper, JCompleted
Alberta HeartDyck, JCompleted
Moisturizers StudyDytoc, MCompleted
Tobeornottobe Dziegielewski, PCompleted
Total GlossectomyDziegielewski, PCompleted
Smile SonicaEl-Bialy, TCompleted
Degner ProjectEstabrooks, CCompleted
PHANTOMEurich, DCompleted
Infliximab AdherenceEvaschesen, CCompleted
WalkAidEveraert, DCompleted
AHF-emEzekowitz, JCompleted
ARCTIC-DEzekowitz, JCompleted
ASCEND MappingEzekowitz, JCompleted
CAM-CVEzekowitz, JCompleted
Canadian Heart Failure RegistryEzekowitz, JCompleted
Capital Health Chart ReviewEzekowitz, JCompleted
Heart Failure Clinic Data mergingEzekowitz, JCompleted
HFC - Device ImplantEzekowitz, JCompleted
HFC AbstractEzekowitz, JCompleted
HFC Core Data CollectionEzekowitz, JCompleted
Resveratrol StudyEzekowitz, JCompleted
Sodium H.F.Ezekowitz, JCompleted
Vertebral Fractures in Heart FailureEzekowitz, JCompleted
VITA-H.F.Ezekowitz, JCompleted
Dose EscalationFedorak, RCompleted
Pulmonary CrohnsFedorak, RCompleted
Pulmonary involvement of Chrohns Ps on IFX Fedorak, RCompleted
VSL #3Fedorak, RCompleted
Pearlium/EffecticalFedorak, R /SinovedaCompleted
TNF AlphaFedorak, R/AlistairCompleted
Newfoundland Metabolic Syndrome StudyFodor, GCompleted
Pedicle Screw InsertionFox, RCompleted
Niemann-Pick Type CFrancis, GCompleted
Risk Reduction Live DatabaseFrancis, GCompleted
Risk Reduction StudyFrancis, GCompleted
Creating Bone & Joint HealthFrank, CCompleted
Creating Bone and Joint HealthFrank, CCompleted
Hip & Knee FractureFrank, CCompleted
CHAMPGalvin, D/Jones, CCompleted
COPD AnalysesGarneau Lung LabCompleted
How many are too many?Garros, DCompleted
FLAP - SurgeryGhamdi, MCompleted
Propofol increases vascular relaxation – Dept of AnesthesiologyGragasin, FCompleted
APPROACH Audit and Feedback ProjectGraham, MCompleted
esSTROKEGreen, TCompleted
Marijuana and EpilepsyGross, DCompleted
PRP Breast StudyGuenther, C/Anzarut, ACompleted
RIPCGuerra, GCompleted
Diabetes Care OptimizationGyenes, GCompleted
Big Five Inventory - hosp. pharm.Hall, JCompleted
Costco Pharmacists InterventionHanna, JCompleted
Breast Cancer vs Heart FailureHaykowsky, MCompleted
KITEHaykowsky, MCompleted
AliskirenHossini, FCompleted
B.P. Reduction Sample SizeHoule, SCompleted
Antimicrobial Catheter StudyHunt, ICompleted
CatheterHunt, ICompleted
IHE Survey (Arto)IHECompleted
IHE Survey (Ollie)IHECompleted
VASTVALUSJacka, MCompleted
SPSS Syntax DevelopmentJanzen, WCompleted
Stroke and First NationsJeerakathil, TCompleted
CefazolinJoffe, MCompleted
STRIP Type2Johnson, JCompleted
HEALD- PCNJohnson, SCompleted
IPAD SurveyJohnston, BCompleted
Co MorbiditiesJones, ACompleted
PREP StudyJones, ACompleted
Memantine/ALSKalra, S and Chan, MCompleted
Acute Kidney InjuryKanji, HCompleted
ColonoscopyKao, DCompleted
Fecal TransplantKao, D/Madsen, K.Completed
Vaccination of RA patientsKeeling, SCompleted
FRESHKendle, D/Dian, LCompleted
A.C.S. DatabaseKhan, NCompleted
IDEALKimber, SCompleted
SATTURN StudyKimber, SCompleted
STICKKing, KCompleted
esACSKing-Shier, KCompleted
VTE and ThrombocytopeniaKopolovic, ICompleted
STATINKoshman, SCompleted
Statin Utilization 2Koshman, SCompleted
TIC TACKoshman, SCompleted
Beck StudyKroeker, KCompleted
Childhood IBDKroeker, KCompleted
Fatigue in IBDKroeker, KCompleted
PIVOT TrialKumar, DCompleted
Dr. Kunimoto consultationKunimoto, DCompleted
PET DatabaseLambert, RCompleted
Anorectal ManometryLazaarescu, ACompleted
Banding StudyLazaarescu, ACompleted
Use of Pain Pumps after AbdominoplastyLee, JCompleted
Trends in Nosocomial Blood Stream InfectionsLee, MCompleted
Infliximab InfusionLee, T/Fedorak, RCompleted
Iron IV vs. OralLee, T/Fedorak, RCompleted
Osteoporosis StudyLin, ACompleted
PTSDLogsetty, SCompleted
BNA QuestionnaireLong, RCompleted
T.B. StudyLong, RCompleted
TB Transmission - MedicineLong, RCompleted
Dr. Gavin LowLow, GCompleted
Genetic MutationLu, CCompleted
Sample size calculation Oct. 01/08Ma, MCompleted
SBE ProphylaxisMackie, ACompleted
AVOIDMajumdar, SCompleted
ContrastMajumdar, SCompleted
Opinion Leader StudyMajumdar, SCompleted
Patient Safety in CHAMajumdar, SCompleted
STOP #Majumdar, SCompleted
WRESTMajumdar, SCompleted
Wrist FractureMajumdar, SCompleted
WRIST Fracture SubstudyMajumdar, SCompleted
Impact of PharmacistsMakowsky, MCompleted
E-TriageMaksymowych, WCompleted
OARSI-OMERACTMaksymowych, WCompleted
Geriatric AssessmentMarin, ACompleted
Seniors' Clinic Chart ReviewMarin, A/Sadowski, CCompleted
Allergy LabelingMarra, CCompleted
DMARDMarra, CCompleted
Pharmacy Adaptation Services in B.C.Marra, CCompleted
PHIND-OAMarra, CCompleted
PHIT OAMarra, CCompleted
CAP - Antibiotic FailureMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - BacteremiaMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - COPDMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - Etiology - Extended Diagnostic TestingMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - Etiology - Non-pneumonia PatientsMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - Etiology - Urine Normals SubstudyMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - Etiology & Cytokine ProfileMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - Etiology & TB NMRMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - Etiology of Staph AureusMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - ICUMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - Low Risk admissionsMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - PregnancyMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - QFeverMarrie, TCompleted
CAP – Serial MetabolomicsMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - Urine NormalsMarrie, TCompleted
CAP - WetaskiwinMarrie, TCompleted
CAP Study ( Main)Marrie, TCompleted
CAPS - Patterns of Antibiotic UseMarrie, TCompleted
CAP-TelehealthMarrie, TCompleted
Edmonton Flu StudyMarrie, TCompleted
Med Student Clinical SkillsMarrie, TCompleted
UACAPSMarrie, TCompleted
Early Inflammatory ArthritisMartin, LCompleted
Lupus HealthNetMartin, LCompleted
HAART StudyMason, ACompleted
Peds/Fever/SurgeryMasterson, TCompleted
ASTHMA - Bridging the GapMayers, ICompleted
ASTHMA - Phase 2Mayers, ICompleted
ASTHMA - Phase 3Mayers, ICompleted
ASTHMA - Physician SurveyMayers, ICompleted
ASTHMA Phase 1Mayers, ICompleted
ASTHMA School QuestionnaireMayers, ICompleted
COPD Education InitiativeMayers, ICompleted
MedImmuneMayers, ICompleted
NIMVMayers, ICompleted
VAC (Virtual Asthma Clinic)Mayers, ICompleted
ASTHMA - All PhasesMayers, I/Man, PCompleted
DAAFI -2McAlister, FCompleted
ESP-CADMcAlister, FCompleted
Heart Failure DatabaseMcAlister, FCompleted
PREVENTIONMcAlister, FCompleted
PROACTIVEMcAlister, FCompleted
EPIC - Enhancing Practice to Improve CareMerck FrosstCompleted
DCA in PHT GrantMichelakis, ECompleted
Data TransferMiciak, GCompleted
ThrombosisMitchell, LCompleted
Quality of Life in Kidney DiseaseMolzahn, ACompleted
Acute Kidney Injury in ChildrenMorgan, CCompleted
Long Term Renal OutcomesMorgan, CCompleted
Renal Oxygenation as Predictors of AKIMorgan, CCompleted
Nose Bleed StudyMorrissey, ACompleted
RFFF vs ALTFMorrissey, ACompleted
GN RegistryMurray, ACompleted
NARG Dialysis StudyNanda, ACompleted
MyocarditisNee, A/Paterson, ICompleted
Relationship between OT and TrustNorris, CCompleted
Treatment for depression /CADNorris, CCompleted
OPSCCO'Connell, DCompleted
Oropharyngeal Cancer SurvivalO'Connell, DCompleted
Fingerprinting in patients with CADOudit, GCompleted
HELPOudit, GCompleted
Novel StudyOudit, GCompleted
Bairhugger StudyPACU-RAHCompleted
APPLES StudyPadwal, RCompleted
Sample size estimation Equivalence designPadwal, RCompleted
WELCOMEPadwal, RCompleted
Contrast-Induced Nephropathy StudyPannu, NCompleted
EP AblationPantano, ACompleted
An Integrative Intervention to Improve Critically Ill Patients' Pain, Physiological and Psychological OutcomesPapathansoglou, ECompleted
Breast CancerPatel, SCompleted
LV Function Recovery in MyocarditisPaterson, ICompleted
Manticore StudyPaterson, ICompleted
Proximal RCAPaterson, ICompleted
Kidney Disease and Q of LPauly, RCompleted
NHD InterviewsPauly, RCompleted
Cardiovascular RiskPearson, GCompleted
Niacin Pilot StudyPearson, GCompleted
ABI StudyPehowich, MCompleted
SBE ProphylaxisPharisCompleted
BronchiolitisPlint, ACompleted
HIV/HCV Coinfection neurological diseasesPower, CCompleted
HIV-Antiepileptic Drug StudyPower, CCompleted
HIV-Disease incidence/prevalence vs. neurologiPower, CCompleted
Neuropsychological Testing StudyPower, CCompleted
IMRPretorius, VCompleted
ICD-10Quan, HCompleted
TB RschRennert-May, ECompleted
Brain CancerRoaCompleted
ECLSRobinson, JCompleted
Endocarditis in Pediatric PatientsRobinson, JCompleted
IVCRB in Children - PediatricRobinson, JCompleted
Neonatal HSVRobinson, JCompleted
Peds Oncology StudyRobinson, JCompleted
CV ICU - ReadmissionsRomney, JCompleted
Initial Access Prescribing by Pharmacists in ABRosenthal, MCompleted
SUPPORT CDM IIRosenthal, MCompleted
BeIMRRoss, D/Pretorius, VCompleted
ACERowe, BCompleted
AIRRowe, BCompleted
ED-Directed InterventionsRowe, BCompleted
Educate AsthmaRowe, BCompleted
Emergency Depart. ProjectsRowe, BCompleted
The Lung Attack Alert StudyRowe, BCompleted
Anesthesia techniques for cardiac cath Rudolf, FCompleted
WHIPLASHRussell, ACompleted
Whiplash SurveyRussell, ACompleted
GDMRyan, ECompleted
Hypoglycemic AgentRyan, ECompleted
Inhaled Milrinone and the R. VentricleRyan, ECompleted
Fecal Incontinence in menSadowski, DCompleted
SCOPE Pilot ProjectSadowski, DCompleted
EP Ablation Substudy - ICDSandhu, RCompleted
Graduating Students SurveySchindel, TCompleted
DOXCABGSchulze, CCompleted
Benefit from AnticoagulationShanks, MCompleted
Dell Obesity TrialSharma, A/Tsuyuki, RCompleted
ASTHMA Professional Practice SurveySharpe, HCompleted
ASTHMA WAPSheldon S.Completed
PreclampsiaSia, WCompleted
Urine P/C Ratio StudySia, WCompleted
GBSSiddiqi, ZCompleted
MMF withdrawal StudySiddiqi, ZCompleted
Vascular Intervention ProgramSimpson, S/Johnson, JCompleted
Emergency Department Falls Prevention InitiativeSinclair, DCompleted
CV ICU - Glycemic ControlSingh, GCompleted
Compression AFSivakumaran, SCompleted
Device DatabaseSivakumaran, SCompleted
Factor XSivakumaran, SCompleted
START StudySlaughter, SCompleted
Sample SizeSmigorowsky, MCompleted
Risedronate + CA and Vit. DSoo, ICompleted
SmokingSpencer, TCompleted
Esophageal Cancer StudyStanger, JCompleted
Sample size J. StewartStewart, JCompleted
Fort Chip ProjectSvenson, LCompleted
Refractory ascitesTandon, PCompleted
Tooth Root ResorptionTarek, ECompleted
TOSCATeo, KCompleted
EndocarditisThangaroopan, MCompleted
Digoxin LevelsThompson, ACompleted
IBD Clinics Chart ReviewThomson, ACompleted
Need and Method TrainingThomson, ACompleted
GRISTTorrible, SCompleted
exSALTTredget, TCompleted
Thermal Injury StudyTredget, TCompleted
CAREERS StudtyTriska, OCompleted
Cadaver Study - Dept. of AnesthesiologyTsui, BCompleted
Difficult Airway ( Anesthesiology)Tsui, BCompleted
Edm ARA Acute Pain ServiceTsui, BCompleted
Electrical ImpedanceTsui, BCompleted
Asbestosis and SilicosisTsuyuki, RCompleted
ACHIEVATsuyuki, RCompleted
BREATHETsuyuki, RCompleted
Characterizing Pharmacy's Professional Culture - DTsuyuki, RCompleted
COLLABORATE SurveyTsuyuki, RCompleted
Compensation for PharmacistsTsuyuki, RCompleted
CONCORDANCETsuyuki, RCompleted
COPE StudyTsuyuki, RCompleted
Determining Glycemic Control- PilotTsuyuki, RCompleted
Effect of mixed messages on pharmacy practice changeTsuyuki, RCompleted
EPI SOBTsuyuki, RCompleted
epiPADTsuyuki, RCompleted
EpiSOB - SaskatchewanTsuyuki, RCompleted
Exacerbation of Heart FailureTsuyuki, RCompleted
Heart Health ProjectTsuyuki, RCompleted
HEARTTTsuyuki, RCompleted
HF Medication BurdenTsuyuki, RCompleted
Hypertension Care in PCNTsuyuki, RCompleted
Improving the Pharmaceutical Care of Canadians - DTsuyuki, RCompleted
Knowledge Translation CanadaTsuyuki, RCompleted
Management of CHF in Long-Term CareTsuyuki, RCompleted
Misaligned Culture and MindsetTsuyuki, RCompleted
MORE SCRIPTsuyuki, RCompleted
PaKSACTsuyuki, RCompleted
ParmalatTsuyuki, RCompleted
Pharmacy CultureTsuyuki, RCompleted
Pharmacy SurveyTsuyuki, RCompleted
PSAP7Tsuyuki, RCompleted
REACTTsuyuki, RCompleted
REACT - ExTsuyuki, RCompleted
Relationship between personality traits and pharmaTsuyuki, RCompleted
RxACTTsuyuki, RCompleted
RxACTIONTsuyuki, RCompleted
RxEACHTsuyuki, RCompleted
RxINGTsuyuki, RCompleted
SCRIP - HTNTsuyuki, RCompleted
SCRIP PlusTsuyuki, RCompleted
SCRIP Plus ExtensionTsuyuki, RCompleted
Statin SurveyTsuyuki, RCompleted
TelehealthTsuyuki, RCompleted
COLLABORATETsuyuki, R/AHS PharmacyCompleted
SDM Optimum StudyTsuyuki, R/Tonelli, MCompleted
Red YeastTyrrell, BCompleted
SPAT 2005Tyrrell, GCompleted
SPATTyrrell, G/Marrie, TCompleted
SPAT 4Tyrrell, G/Marrie, TCompleted
Vaccine paper - TempTyrrell, LCompleted
Conduction Block in Atrial FibrillationValtuille, LCompleted
EP ABLATION - Pilot studyValtuille, LCompleted
ColonoscopyVan Zantem, SCompleted
ReadToMeVan Zantem, SCompleted
Support for Clinical Practice ChangeVan, DCompleted
BronchoscopyVethanayagam, DCompleted
EpistaxisVethanayagam, DCompleted
Fragrance StudyVethanayagam, DCompleted
HHTVethanayagam, DCompleted
CARE - CAMVohra, SCompleted
CARE - CHEOVohra, SCompleted
CARE - HC-AWRVohra, SCompleted
CARE - Maternal hyporthyroidismVohra, SCompleted
Cold FXVohra, SCompleted
DELPHIVohra, SCompleted
Melatonin RCTVohra, SCompleted
MY NAPVohra, SCompleted
NHP and Potential Adverse Events SurveyVohra, SCompleted
Pediatric Integrative MedicineVohra, SCompleted
Rhodiola RoseaVohra, SCompleted
SONARVohra, SCompleted
ASRLS/SafetyNETVohra, S and Pohlman, KCompleted
Urinary Tract InfectionsWagg, ACompleted
Mini-MetrxicsWang, SCompleted
Mini-METRXICS - ValidationWang, SCompleted
AIM 3WebberCompleted
Thyroid OrbithopathyWeis, ECompleted
RURAL AMIWelsh, JCompleted
Cardiac AccessWelsh, RCompleted
Cardiopulmonary Exercise TestingWelsh, RCompleted
MetaAnalysisWelsh, RCompleted
PCI RegistryWelsh, RCompleted
PHAST Care SurveyWelsh, RCompleted
PRECEPTWelsh, RCompleted
PROACT Biomarkers StudyWelsh, RCompleted
PURGEWelsh, RCompleted
Radial Artery OcclusionWelsh, RCompleted
REASSESSWelsh, RCompleted
REMCON - STEMIWelsh, RCompleted
Rural STEMI DatabaseWelsh, RCompleted
STREAMWelsh, RCompleted
STREAMWelsh, RCompleted
VHR - MVDWelsh, RCompleted
VHR - RADARWelsh, RCompleted
VHR-ESSCWelsh, RCompleted
Vital Heart ResponseWelsh, RCompleted
Z-PROACTWelsh, RCompleted
PPS DiabetesWhiting, JCompleted
Imuran StudyWong, JCompleted
Frontal SinusWrightCompleted
BotoxYuksel, NCompleted
Chronic Pelvic PainYuksel, NCompleted
OsteopharmYuksel, NCompleted
Testosterone therapyYuksel, NCompleted
Tissue Flap ASA Heparin StudyZhu, JCompleted
CVICU – Secondary Pulmonary HypertensionZibdawi, MCompleted
Antiretrovirals in PregnancyZuk, DCompleted
New program for frail geriatrics in primary careAbbasi, MOngoing
Periodontitis innovative treatmentsAbdelhay, NOngoing
Perceived self-efficacy and oral health outcomes among adolescentsAbdelhay, NOngoing
Anti-platelet prescribing patterns post CABG in patients treated post-ACSAckman, MOngoing
Innovative ways to treat periodontitisAddison, OOngoing
Improving access to community addiction and mental health services through a multifaceted approachAgyapong, VOngoing
RxEACH CKDAl Hamarneh, Y / Tsuyuki, ROngoing
Validation of the AB-VTE database to determine admission status using Z-VTE algorithmAlotaibi, GOngoing
PEGASIS: Pan-Edmonton Group Addressing Social Isolation of SeniorsAnderson, SOngoing
Healthcare aids at assisted living facilitiesAwosogaOngoing
CVICU Frailty StudyBagshaw, SOngoing
SPARKBagshaw, SOngoing
GLADIATORBagshaw, S/Singh, GOngoing
The prevalence of low value care in AlbertaBakal, JOngoing
Parent-reported outcomes for swallowing dysfunction in the otherwise healthy infants and toddlersBaqays, AOngoing
Rheum4UBarber, COngoing
A population approach to improving hyplertension…Beahm, NOngoing
GLS from Biplane Contrast EchoBecher, HOngoing
IMAGE -CAD StudyBecher, HOngoing
APRoNBell, ROngoing
Peas and BeansBell, ROngoing
Improving outcomes in vulnerable pregnant womenBell, ROngoing
C-STOP# TrialBellerose, DOngoing
SMART-CareBello, AOngoing
Patient perspectives regarding barriers to accessing care through the Northern Peripheral Nerve ClinicBeveridge, JOngoing
Improving access to quality of life of chronic disease care for the Canadian high risk patient through eHealth….Bello, AOngoing
Telemonitoring for improved kidney outcomes (TIKO)Bello, AOngoing
Smart-CareBello, AOngoing
CPR SimulationsBelmurugiah, NOngoing
Using community engagement to define health research priorities in maternal-child and familyBenzies, KOngoing
Patient perspectives regarding barriers to accessing care through the Northern Peripheral Nerve ClinicBeveridge, JOngoing
Treatment with ursodeoxycholic acid…Billington, EOngoing
Genomin analysis in patients with neurological disordersBolduc, FOngoing
Canadian Network for the Treatment of Intellectual DisabilityBolduc, FOngoing
Supplement use after exercisingBomhotOngoing
Family research agenda initiative setting projectBrockway, MOngoing
Triage Inter-rater Reliability StudyBullard, MOngoing
AMS Database Bungard, TOngoing
VTE AnalysesBungard, TOngoing
Warfarin Loading DoseBungard, TOngoing
Warfarin requirements in mechanical valve patientsBungard, TOngoing
Bone health in patients with osteoporosisBurtOngoing
Community pharmacist intervention in depressionBurton, DOngoing
Why Wait? A shared care case conference model to improve diabetes care deliveryButalia, SOngoing
C-PASSButcher, KOngoing
ICH ADAPT IIButcher, KOngoing
5A’s TeamCampbell-Scherer, DOngoing
5AsT Patient LevelCampbell-Scherer, DOngoing
Implementation and validation of the "5As framework of obesity management" in primary careCampbell-Scherer, DOngoing
PLP collaboration with CRSCampbell-Scherer, DOngoing
Can fraility severity be used to predict the success of benzodiazepine deprescribing using a pharmacist-led patient empowerment tool?Carr, FOngoing
CMV Infection & Disease in High-Risk Tx RecipientsCervera, COngoing
Pilot study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) for bowel decolonization of Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium.Cervera, COngoing
Diabetes foot care clinical pathwayChan, COngoing
Brain CoolingChan, MichaelOngoing
Barriers to peripheral nerve injuryChan, Ming/Beveridge, JOngoing
Ultrasound test for Pressure UlcerChan, MingOngoing
Statistical consultation on reviewers’ commentsChan, MingOngoing
Health care access for an immigrant communityChowdhury, TOngoing
Stand to strengthen? A cluster RCT to reduce sedentary time and improve the functional capacity and quality of life of older adults in assisted livingCopeLand, JOngoing
Cancer tumor criteria reclassificationCraig, SOngoing
Inter-observerr variability in follicular thyroid neoplasms….Craig, SOngoing
Multidisciplinary interventions for cancer related fatigue in the advanced cancer populationCulos-Reed, NOngoing
Deprescribing of antipsychoticsCummingsOngoing
ABLE - cGVHD StudyCuvelier, GOngoing
European Society of Cardiology Journal editorialDafoe, WOngoing
Integrated support care pathwayDavidson, SOngoing
Evidence-based update to the Canadian Clinical Practice Guideline for Exercise during pregnancyDavenport, MOngoing
Fibrosis case finding in the communityDavyduke, TOngoing
Mothers with postpartum depressionDeaneOngoing
The effect of physician visits and visit gap times on hospitalization in heart failureDiamant, MOngoing
Prebiotics for Prevention of UCDieleman, LOngoing
Diet in Ulcerative ColitisDieleman, L / Madesen, K / Keshteli, AOngoing
Prebiotics vs Probiotics Patient KnowledgeDieleman, L / Silva, MOngoing
Development and evaluation of an expectation management for deprescribing tool and use with people with dementiaDrummond, NOngoing
Pheochromocytoma ResectionDuttchen, KOngoing
SMART-002Dziwenka, MOngoing
Quality of care in a novel Alberta Refugee Health Care CentreFabreau, GOngoing
Does approach affect cost per case in total hip arthroplastyFairgrieve-ParkOngoing
Transforming pediatric acute mental health care service deliveryFreedman, SOngoing
Change in SDMT and CVLT-2FujiwaraOngoing
RX to get activeFuller, MOngoing
Economic analysis of two different treatments for colon cancerFung, COngoing
Promoting safer sex in the context of heterosexual anal intercourseGammel, COngoing
Northern Alberta Cirrhosis CohortGarcia, L / Tandon POngoing
Building brains and futureGibb, ROngoing
Telephone survivor clinics for early breast cancerGiese-Davis, JOngoing
Improving CPR Quality in PICUGilfoyle, EOngoing
Validation of a triage audit process in an urban emergency departmentGillespie, WOngoing
Enhanced recovery after surgeryGilmour, LOngoing
Using community engagement to define health research priorities in maternal-child and family health for the community settingGinn, COngoing
Psoriasis management in the communityGniadecki, ROngoing
Comparison between soft dressing and vacuum heard dressing in amputation patientsGodziuk, KOngoing
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder – Is this a ciliopathy?Goez, HOngoing
Evaluation of a patient and family centered personal health portal – the MyChart PilotGraham, TOngoing
INFORMGramlich, LOngoing
Enhancing recovery Canada….Gramlich, LOngoing
Hospital level care at home for seniorsGrinman, MOngoing
MUSICCGuerra, GOngoing
Pilot randomized controlled trialGuerra, GOngoing
Introduction of heparin assay for the monitoring of UFH based treatmentGuirguis, MOngoing
Diabetes Care OptimizationGyenes, G / Li, SOngoing
Pilot study of a computerized decision-support system used to better support care providers in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolismHaubrich, SOngoing
DCE in RA, CD and IBSHazelwood, GOngoing
A pragmatic patient preference randomized trial of drug tapering in rheumatoid arthritisHazelwood, GOngoing
Surgical decision making in the management of metastatic bone disease…Hazenbiller, OOngoing
Impact in changes in weight post lung transplantHirji, AOngoing
Rhwum4U ExpansionHirota, COngoing
Longitudinal follow-up for spinal cord injuryHo, C / McKenzie, NOngoing
Spinal cord injury registryHo, COngoing
EMS Microbiome ProjectHudson, AOngoing
HIV SurveyHughes, COngoing
Perceptions of Pharmacist’s Role and Professional DevelopmentHughes, COngoing
IBD Clinical Decision Making (CDM) SurveyHuynh, HOngoing
Proteolytic degradation of cardiac troponin I as a marker of ischemic severityHwang, POngoing
Sample size calculation for degraded cardiac troponin studyHwang, POngoing
Sustaining transfers through affordable research translation (START)Ickert, COngoing
Disease severity assessment and the impact on choice of induction Isaac, DMOngoing
Collaborative approach in child and youth mental healthJackson, MOngoing
Patient assessment tool for older adultsJones, AOngoing
Biologic DMARD PrescribingJones, BOngoing
Improving health outcomes togetherKaba, AOngoing
PRECISIONKaplan, GOngoing
RheumDashKatz, SOngoing
W21 collaborationKaufman, JOngoing
Pregnancy in RAKeeling, SOngoing
Rheumatoid Arthritis Biologic/Non BiologicKeeling, SOngoing
RA Risk ReductionKeeling, SOngoing
Derm Rheum Educational Tool for Autoimmune Manifestations (DREAM)Keeling, SOngoing
ON TRAAC with Patient RAPPORTKeeling, SOngoing
ON TRAACKeeling, S/Katz, SOngoing
Using community engagement to define health research priorities in maternal-child and family health for the community settingKeys, EOngoing
esACS SubstudyKhan, NOngoing
SWI - Vancomycin Sternal WoundKhani-Hanjani, AOngoing
esACS StudyKing-Shier, KOngoing
E-CHANGEKlein, DOngoing
CHANGE Workplace ProgramKlein, DOngoing
Hemiarch vs extended arch in aortic dissection – a systematic analysis by randomized trial (HEADSTART)Kotha, VOngoing
Contemporary practice in renal replacement therapyKutsogiannis, JOngoing
Bioethics and consciousness decision makingLamb, COngoing
Multi-view Three-Dimensional Fusion Echocardiography Using a Novel Respiratory Tracking TechniqueLamb, TOngoing
Noise reduction and non-pharmacological strategies in the ICU…LaPierre, LOngoing
Bone fracture in patients with hemopheliaLee, AOngoing
Public health initiative in the communityLee, KOngoing
Immunization in alive organ transplant patientsLee, NOngoing
Influenza immunization in solid organ transplant recipientsLee, NOngoing
Improving quality of care in Sturgeon hospitalLeon, HOngoing
Experience of parents and children with neurodevelopment disordersLeung, BOngoing
Effect of "healthy" dark chocolate on BP, metabolomesLewanczuk, ROngoing
Course designLindberg, MOngoing
Telehealth in rural patients with CKDLunneyOngoing
Effects of an ICU Diary on PTSD SymptomMacDonald, GOngoing
Patient perception of certain aspects of colorectal cancer treatmentMacDonald, KOngoing
C-STOPMajumdar, S/Beaupre LOngoing
COPD treatment and management in the communityMakhinova, TOngoing
Medication Risk Assessment SurveyMakowsky, MOngoing
e-HEALSMakowsky, M/Cor, KOngoing
FORCASTMaksymowych, WOngoing
RAPPORTMaksymowych, WOngoing
RAPPORT - NewfoundlandMaksymowych, WOngoing
Novel clinical trials in islet and stem cell transplantation, restoration of immune tolerance and beta cell regenerationMalcolm, AOngoing
BETTER WISEManca, DOngoing
Advancing provider use of collaborative goal-setting and patient-reported measure in community rehabilitation settings in AlbertaManhas, KOngoing
Treatment of resistant depressionMann, UOngoing
Adolescent and family mental healthMarsh, ROngoing
Colorectal cancer questionnaireMarshall, DOngoing
RAPPORT – CalgaryMartin, LOngoing
ENCOMPASSMcBrien, KOngoing
Evaluation Framework of the Cardiovascular Health and Stroke….McEwan, MOngoing
What is the utility of mycobacterial urine cultures?McFarlane, AOngoing
Critical Care Strategic Clinical Network….McIntosh, COngoing
Exoskeletal assisted walking in acute rehab following spinal cord injuryMcIntosh, KOngoing
Spinal cord injury in AlbertgaMcKenzie, NOngoing
Merkel cells cancerMcKinnon, GOngoing
BC-PAL TrialMcNeil, JOngoing
Genomics in newborn childrenMetzOngoing
Community pharmacist intervention in chronic diseasesMichail, KOngoing
Effect of STEEPO method of handover on MTU….Minhas, ROngoing
ABLE – ThrombosisMitchell, LOngoing
BMS BiomarkersMitchell, LOngoing
C17 ProjectMitchell, LOngoing
Bariatric ClinicModiOngoing
Immunoglobulin replacement therapy in patients with COPD….Mohydeen, SOngoing
Surgical decision making in the management of metastatic bone diseaseMonument, MOngoing
Inflammatory Arthritis CV Risk (RxIALTA)Morgan, AOngoing
Renal OxygenationMorgan, COngoing
Xenon gas foam echosclerotherapyMorison, NOngoing
Rheum4UMosher, D/Devoe, D/Emrick, A/Barber COngoing
Rheum4U pediatricsMosher, DOngoing
Project INSPIRE: Integrated Screening Pathways in Primary CareMosli, MOngoing
Smart-e-PantsMushahwar, V/Chan, Ming/Dukolow, S/Zygun, DOngoing
Specific intervention for the rehabilitation of walking after SCI: Role of the armsMushahwar, VOngoing
Provincial patient registry for lymphedema and lymphatic disordersNarine, KOngoing
Mutual maintaingin mechanisms underlying the co-occurrence of PTSD and chronic pain in youthNoel, MOngoing
Pediatric malnutrition screeningNorton, LOngoing
Stress in new immigrant mothersNwokeOngoing
RAPPORT - Biologics - IHEOhinmaa, A/IHEOngoing
Outcomes of diabetes management by pharmacists: The RxING RegistryOkada, HOngoing
Establishing the role of specialized mask figging in adherence to non-invasive ventilation in childrenOlmstead, DOngoing
ACORNOlson, DOngoing
EVOLUTIONPadwal, ROngoing
TechnomedPadwal, ROngoing
Hypertension Clinic RegistryPadwal, ROngoing
Improving Post Discharge Care after AKIPannu, NOngoing
REPOSEPapathanassoglou, EOngoing
SETSParent, EOngoing
Elderly patients with obesity and osteoarthritisPark, EOngoing
Understanding barriers to diabetic foot examination for patients and primary care providersParsons, LOngoing
Nurse practitioner role in palliative carePasiorowski, AOngoing
Model of care for sleep-disordered breathingPendharkar, SOngoing
Intranasal Insulin for HIV-associated dementiaPower, COngoing
ABLE - Cisplatin and Hearing lossRassekh, ROngoing
ABLE – Clinical Trial – Prevention of Hearing LossRassekh, ROngoing
Mobili-T (portable swallowing therapy system)Rieger, JOngoing
Prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder by the use of technologyRiley, NOngoing
Evaluating the effectiveness of a patient navigator service….Ryan, LOngoing
Cystic FibrosisSaad, EOngoing
Antibiotics in Cystic FibrosisSaad, E/Brown, NOngoing
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms ScreeningSadowski, COngoing
LUTS Fall PrevalenceSadowski, COngoing
LUTS Management AlgorithmSadowski, C Ongoing
Medication management in older adultsSadowski, COngoing
Feasibility of a community pharmacy intervention for lower urinary tract symptomsSadowski, COngoing
Evaluating the effectiveness of a patient navigator service to improve healthcare delivery during transition to adult care for youth/youngSamuel, SOngoing
PIAAFSandhu, R / McAlister, FOngoing
ABLESchultz, KOngoing
Radiology residents burnoutShiau, GOngoing
Prebiotics vs Probiotics Patient KnowledgeSilva, MOngoing
Mystery CRTSivakumaran, SOngoing
RAFTSivakumaran, SOngoing
Nurse Practitioner Management of AFSmigorowsky, MOngoing
Nurse Practitioner Management of MSSmyth, POngoing
Impact of older age on the tolerability and toxicities of adjuvant chemotherapySoleimani, MOngoing
Acquired hemophilia: clinical characteristics and managementSun, LOngoing
Flare ups in patients with IBDSutton, ROngoing
ANSdTandon, POngoing
A Pilot Randomized Control Trial Comparing the BRECONDA with the Healthwise Breast Reconstruction Decision AidTemple-Oberle, COngoing
Breast reconstruction surgeryTemple, COngoing
EVADETomczak, COngoing
Population approach to improving hypertension management in the community using pharmacists’ advance scope of practice in AlbertaTsuyuki, ROngoing
RxEACH RegistryTsuyuki R/Al Hamarneh YOngoing
RxEACH Mobile AppTsuyuki R/Al Hamarneh YOngoing
RxEACH Risk CalculatorTsuyuki R/Al Hamarneh YOngoing
RxROUTMAP (New Brunswick UTI)Tsuyuki, R / Beahm NOngoing
RxING RegistryTsuyuki, R / Okada, HOngoing
Glycemic control after CABG in patients with type 2 diabetesTurgeon, ROngoing
Examining the effect of knowledge translation interventions on uptake of evidence-based practice by health care aides in long-term care and assisted-living facilitiesTworek, KOngoing
Post AF ablation pilot studyValtuille, LOngoing
CV ICU ReadmissionVan Diepen, SOngoing
COMPACTVan Diepen, S,Ongoing
SPA-LTC InitiativeVenturato, LOngoing
Immunoglobulin replacement therapy in patients with COPD and Hypogammaglobinemia; a retrospective studyVliagoftis, H / Mohydeen, SOngoing
Community, inflammatory bowel disease registryWalters, BOngoing
Oncocytic adrenal neoplasmsWatson, JOngoing
Clinical characteristics and determinants of outcomes of pulmonary hypertension patients in AlbertaWeatherald, JOngoing
Breast cancer survivors preferencesWebb, COngoing
Prediction Rule for ACL TearsWhittaker, JOngoing
Improving the clinical identification of ACL tears….Whittaker, JOngoing
Epilepsy Surgery Satisfaction QuestionnaireWiebe, SOngoing
Development of an integrated knowledge translation (iKT)….Wilson, KOngoing
An exercise intervention for cancer related fatigue in the advanced cancer populationWilson, KOngoing
Radiographic Predictors of Vent Drain MisplacementWilson, M / Emery, DOngoing
Alberta ambulatory pulmonary embolism collaborationWu, COngoing
Major bleeding with low-molecular-weight heparins in dialysis patientsWu, COngoing
VTE validation studyWu, COngoing
Quebec study administrative data, DVTWu, C/Aloutabi,GOngoing
Addressing the evidence to practice gapWurz, AOngoing
Joint ThermographyYacyshyn, EOngoing
Aligning quality improvement curricula with competency-based education Yacyshyn, EOngoing
Syrian refugees innovation clinicsYanickiOngoing
Clinical & community engagement in gestational diabetes educationYeung, ROngoing
Practice tool for hormonal contraception for pharmacistsYuksel, NOngoing
Drug induced osteoporosisYuksel, NOngoing
ABLE - Cisplatin and Kidney DiseaseZappitelli, MOngoing
Assessing quality of KT modelsZimmermann, GOngoing