Appendix A 21-22

Appendix A – Current Projects (139 of 960 total)

Characterizing Patients with Ocular TumoursAghazadeh, HOngoing
Safe Consumption Site (SCS) study data (Access to a hospital-based safe
consumption site improve treatment outcomes for infectious complications of
injection drug use
Ahmed, R / Nguyen, VOngoing
IGNITEAl Hamarneh, Y / Watson, KOngoing
Inhaled nitrous oxide for distressing procedures in children: a systematic review (and meta-analysis)Ali, SOngoing
Catching the Wind: A Colouring Book Discovery CourseAnderson, EOngoing
Telemonitoring for improved kidney outcomes (TIKO)Bello, AOngoing
Osteoarthritis Optimization Program: a Dietary Counselling Program to Improve Patient Health, Experience, and Outcomes While Awaiting Surgical ConsultationBerchuck, MOngoing
Metformin in Fragile X syndrome DSMBBolduc, FOngoing
Self vs clinic management of warfarinBungard, TOngoing
An assessment of the minimal clinically important difference for the Pain Disability Quality-Of-Life Questionnaire-Spine in mechanical low back pain treated with platelet rich plasma injectionsBurnham, ROngoing
Pharmacists Prescribing and Managing and Mental HealthBurton, DOngoing
C-PASSButcher, KOngoing
ICH ADAPT IIButcher, K / Buck,Ongoing
Food RxCampbell, DOngoing
Use of a mobile application for medication sick day guidance during the COVID-19 pandemicCampbell, DOngoing
Implementing Evidence-Based Vaccination in Pregnancy in Alberta: Protecting Every Mom & Every BabyCastillo, EOngoing
Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Maternal-Infant Dyad Epidemiology, Co-morbidities, Outcomes in Alberta, CanadaCastillo, EOngoing
Criteria for decision making process in tracheostomy and long-term invasive mechanical ventilation in children: a systematic reviewCastro-Codesa, MOngoing
Brain Cooling StudyChan, Michael / Dunn, MOngoing
Mental Health Assessment and Prescribing by Alberta Pharmacists (MAP-AP) StudyChow, MOngoing
Opthalmology patient research registration databaseDamji, K / Stewart, DOngoing
Implications of Multiple Complications and Bariatric SurgeryDang, JOngoing
Known alcoholic fatty liver disease registryDavyduke, TOngoing
Autologous Patient-derived Islets from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC): A Personalized Therapy for DiabetesDeng, FOngoing
Outcomes of Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation in Adult Congenital Heart Disease patients: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisDeschamps, JOngoing
Prebiotics for Prevention of UCDieleman, LOngoing
Erector Spinae Plane Block Versus Paravertebral Block in Patients Undergoing
Elective Breast Surgery. A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Dermatomal
Dillane, KOngoing
Efficiency of ketamine in post anesthesia recovery roomDillane, K / Potvin, COngoing
Promoting safer sex in the contest of heterosexual anal intercourseDouglas, G / Gammel, C / Stewart, JOngoing
CATCODunn, M / Tsuyuki, R / Singh AOngoing
Development and Evaluation of a Mobile Application Tool to Assist Health Care Providers in Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and ManagementElhakim, AOngoing
Sociodemographic Predictors of eHealth Literacy in South Asian Adults in Edmonton, Alberta: A sub-analysis of a 2014 Community Based surveyElhossieny, OOngoing
The "power" of food marketing: Examining the grey zones of child-targeted food packagingElliott, COngoing
Quality of care in a novel Alberta Refugee Health Care CentreFabreau, GOngoing
Improving Emergency Mental Healthcare for Kids and Youth – Phase 1Freedman, SOngoing
Improving Emergency Mental Healthcare for Kids and Youth – Phase 2Freedman, SOngoing
Northern Alberta Cirrhosis CohortGarcia, L / Tandon POngoing
Characterizing the Role of Home Care Pharmacists in AlbertaGill, JOngoing
R2M1Gouda, POngoing
Pharmacist testing for TBGysel, SOngoing
RAPPORT DMARDSHall, J / Keeling, SOngoing
Predominance of Biologic Use in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis Patients Cared for at the University of Alberta Rheumatology ClinicHamidi, S / Keeling, SOngoing
The optimal strategy during percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-elevation myocardial infarction with high burden intracoronary thrombusHar, BOngoing
A pragmatic patient preference randomized trial of drug tapering in rheumatoid arthritisHazelwood, GOngoing
PERK IIHildebrand, KOngoing
The STRIKE Trial: Sustaining Total Knee Arthroplasty ROM by Introducing KEtotifenHildebrand, KOngoing
Spinal cord injury registryHo, COngoing
Retrospective review of cases of surgically-identified aortitis at 3 Canadian centresHong, JOngoing
Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Gestational Diabetes on the Cardiovascular Health of the ChildHornberger, LOngoing
Local Thyroid Nodule Aspiration Cytopathology and Malignancy IncidenceHoudek, DOngoing
HIV RegistryHouston, SOngoing
International Questionnaire, sexual and reproductive healthHughes, COngoing
SarcopeniaJones, A / Beaupre LOngoing
Association Between b/tsDMARDs and Weight Change in Patients with Inflammatory ArthritisJones, BOngoing
Biologic DMARD pharmacosurveillance program for rheumatoid arthritisJones, BOngoing
Identifying biologic refractory disease in rheumatoid arthritisJones, BOngoing
Biologic DMARD PrescribingJones, B / Yacyshyn, EOngoing
The Alberta Back Care (ABC) pathway for low back painKawchuk, GOngoing
Derm Rheum Educational Tool for Autoimmune Manifestations (DREAM)Keeling, SOngoing
Lupus StudyKeeling, SOngoing
Rheumatoid Arthritis Biologic/Non BiologicKeeling, SOngoing
ON-TRAACKeeling, S / Katz, SOngoing
IMPACT COVIDKeeling, S / Maksymowych, WOngoing
Hypertension Clinic RegistryKhan, NOngoing
SWI - Vancomycin Sternal WoundKhani-Hanjani, AOngoing
Digital health in Canadian schools of nursing: curricular content and educator capacityKleib, MOngoing
CHANGE CANCER ALBERTAKlein, D / Humphries, SOngoing
Hemiarch vs extended arch in aortic dissection – a systematic analysis by randomized trial (HEADSTART)Kotha, VOngoing
Beta Lactam AllergyKrick, COngoing
Contemporary practice in renal replacement therapyKutsogiannis, JOngoing
Dialysis Modalities in the ICUKutsogiannis, JOngoing
Novel tests for antibody responses and a stress biomarker panel for COVID-19: elucidation of immune responses and markers of disease severityLam, GOngoing
Noise Reduction and Non-pharmacological Strategies in the ICU as a Quality Initiative for Delirium PreventionLaPierre, LOngoing
Continuous Glucose monitoringLau, DOngoing
Addressing Treatment Gaps in COPD: A Pilot Study of Community Pharmacist Case-Finding and Evaluation of Evidence-Based PharmacotherapyLee, S-YOngoing
Quantifying the Loss of Blood Pressure Control in Newfoundland and
Labrador—The Other Pandemic
Lee, TOngoing
Concussion studyLester, EOngoing
The effect of neighborhood (community) context on health – built environment, socioeconomic status and the prevalence of osteoarthritisLiu, XOngoing
Urban-Rural Difference in Clinical Outcomes for Patients with Bullous Pemphigoid in North-Central AlbertaMacGillivray, MOngoing
COPD treatment and management in the communityMakhinova, TOngoing
E-HealsMakowsky, MOngoing
FORCASTMaksymowych, WOngoing
OKINADA StudyMaksymowych, WOngoing
SPARCCMaksymowych, WOngoing
BETTER InstituteManca, DOngoing
BETTER WISEManca, DOngoing
Hyperbilirubinemia: A database study in Alberta to examine testing and treatment of neonatal jaundice in healthy term infants before and after implementation of a new clinical practice guidelineMcNeil, DOngoing
Alberta Collaborative Quality Improvement Strategies to Improve Outcomes of Preterm Infants 32-36 weeks' GestationMehrem, AOngoing
BMS Apixiban BiomarkersMitchell, LOngoing
PPI PrescribingMehta, ROngoing
Rheum4UMosher, D/Emrick, A/Barber COngoing
Transfusion in CPBNeufeld, LamOngoing
A Gendered Framework for Understanding [Canadian] African Immigrant Resilience in Transnational [Canadian] ContextsOkeke-Iheririka, POngoing
d-dimer use in emergency departmentOliver, M / Wu, COngoing
Impact Of A Farmers' Market
Nutrition Coupon Program On Diet Quality And Psychosocial Well-Being Among
Low-Income Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Olstad, DOngoing
Empowering food insecure Albertans to manage their diabetes through a subsidized healthy food prescription program (RxFood)Olstad, D / Dunn, SOngoing
TechnomedPadwal, ROngoing
Hemodialysis ProjectPannu, NOngoing
Improving Post Discharge Care after AKIPannu, NOngoing
PAUSE/RxSPONDPannu, NOngoing
REPOSEPapathanassoglou, EOngoing
Model of care for sleep-disordered breathingPendharkar, SOngoing
ACE Team (HIV project)Poon, KOngoing
Risk of venous thromboembolism in hospitalized cystic fibrosis patientsRegan, SOngoing
Tracking Outcomes of Lower Limb OsseointegrationRehani, MOngoing
Family support directed programRobles, MOngoing
Migraine treatments network meta analyses updateRowe, BOngoing
A Quality Improvement Project to Address lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) by pharmacists in the communitySadowski, COngoing
PILUTSSadowski, COngoing
Clinical Pregnancy Success Rates Post Fallopian Tube Recanalization in an Edmonton Cohort, a retrospective studySamji, R / Poonja, AOngoing
PIAAFSandhu, R / McAlister, FOngoing
Patient and parent impressions of medical cannabis use in pediatric oncology and palliative careSchlosser, MPOngoing
Systematic review of aspergillosis fungal infections in ICUSchwartz, IOngoing
Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Mobilization (Plerixafor) and Immunologic
Reset in New-Onset and Long-standing Stable Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Shapiro, JOngoing
RAFTSivakumaran, SOngoing
Nurse Practitioner Management of AFSmigorowsky, MOngoing
MS Cannabis SurveySmyth, POngoing
MS RegistrySmyth, POngoing
Nurse Practitioner Management of MSSmyth, POngoing
Hepatitis CSwain, MOngoing
CCI-001Spratlin, JOngoing
Change Scores for Decision Aid StudyTemple-Oberle, COngoing
EPI-RxISK Mobile ApplicationTsuyuki R/Al Hamarneh YOngoing
A population approach to improving hypertension management in the community using pharmacists’ advance scope of practice in Alberta – A cluster randomized trial of the Hypertension Canada Certification ProgramTsuyuki, R / Al Hamarneh, Y / Watson, KOngoing
RxIALTA StudyTsuyuki, R / Morgan, AOngoing
RxING RegistryTsuyuki, R / Okada, HOngoing
RxOUTMAP RegistryTsuyuki, ROngoing
RxPATH (Hypertension Registry)Tsuyuki, R / Watson, KOngoing
Smoking cessation meta analysisTurgeon, F. POngoing
Pharmacist-led intervention for Optimal Heart Failure Medications: A pilot
randomized controlled trial (PHARM Optimal-HF Pilot)
Turgeon, ROngoing
BPAP in patients with cystic fibrosis and hypercapnic respiratory failureWalton, SOngoing
WCCHN Family SatisfactionWilliams, EOngoing
ENACT (Professional Abstinence)Wu, QOngoing
Association of daily physician activity and aortic distensibility across the heart failure continuumYavari, MOngoing
SARS-CoV-2 Adaptation: modeling and monitoring long term viral evolutionYeaman, SOngoing
CHOICE Study (hepatitis C in opioid usersYoung, COngoing
The impact of community-based healthcare interventions in reducing the burden of cardiovascular and kidney disease in indigenous and remote communities: A scoping review protocolZaidi, DOngoing
QCARxE (Implementation of EPI-RxISK in Qatar)Zolezzi, MOngoing
Shoppers Drug Mart Hypertension initiative:Ongoing