Appendix A 20-21

Appendix A – Current Projects (121 of 935 total)

Characterizing Patients with Ocular TumoursAghazadeh, H
Inhaled nitrous oxide for distressing procedures in children: a systematic review (and meta-analysis)Ali, S
Catching the Wind: A Colouring Book Discovery CourseAnderson, E
Telemonitoring for improved kidney outcomes (TIKO)Bello, A
Osteoarthritis Optimization Program: a Dietary Counselling Program to Improve Patient Health, Experience, and Outcomes While Awaiting Surgical ConsultationBerchuck, M
Natural health product adverse reactions in oncologyBharadia, M
An assessment of the minimal clinically important difference for the Pain Disability Quality-Of-Life Questionnaire-Spine in mechanical low back pain treated with platelet rich plasma injectionsBurnham, R
Pharmacists Prescribing and Managing and Mental HealthBurton, D
C-PASSButcher, K
ICH ADAPT IIButcher, K Buck,
Food RxCampbell, D
Use of a mobile application for medication sick day guidance during the COVID-19 pandemicCampbell, D
Implementing Evidence-Based Vaccination in Pregnancy in Alberta: Protecting Every Mom & Every BabyCastillo, E
Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Maternal-Infant Dyad Epidemiology, Co-morbidities, Outcomes in Alberta, CanadaCastillo, E
Criteria for decision making process in tracheostomy and long-term invasive mechanical ventilation in children: a systematic reviewCastro-Codesa, M
Brain Cooling StudyChan, M / Dunn, M
Mental Health Assessment and Prescribing by Alberta Pharmacists (MAP-AP) StudyChow, M
Opthalmology patient research registration databaseDamji, K / Stewart, D
Implications of Multiple Complications and Bariatric SurgeryDang, J
Known alcoholic fatty liver disease registryDavyduke, T
Autologous Patient-derived Islets from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC): A Personalized Therapy for DiabetesDeng, F
Outcomes of Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation in Adult Congenital Heart Disease patients: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisDeschamps, J
Prebiotics for Prevention of Ulcerative ColitisDieleman, L
Efficiency of ketamine in post anesthesia recovery roomDillane, D / Potvin, C
Promoting safer sex in the context of heterosexual anal intercourseDouglas, G / Stewart, J / Gammel, C
CATCODunn, M / Tsuyuki, R / Singh A
Development and Evaluation of a Mobile Application Tool to Assist Health Care Providers in Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and ManagementElhakim, A
Sociodemographic Predictors of eHealth Literacy in South Asian Adults in Edmonton, Alberta: A sub-analysis of a 2014 Community Based surveyElhossieny, O
The "power" of food marketing: Examining the grey zones of child-targeted food packagingElliott, C
Quality of care in a novel Alberta Refugee Health Care CentreFabreau, G
Improving Emergency Mental Healthcare for Kids and Youth – Phase 1Freedman, S
Improving Emergency Mental Healthcare for Kids and Youth – Phase 2Freedman, S
Northern Alberta Cirrhosis CohortGarcia, L/Tandon, P
Characterizing the Role of Home Care Pharmacists in AlbertaGill, J
R2M1Gouda. P
Pharmacist testing for TBGysel, S
RAPPORT DMARDSHall, J / Keeling, S
Predominance of Biologic Use in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis Patients Cared for at the University of Alberta Rheumatology ClinicHamidi, S / Keeling, S
The optimal strategy during percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-elevation myocardial infarction with high burden intracoronary thrombusHar, B
A pragmatic patient preference randomized trial of drug tapering in rheumatoid arthritisHazelwood, G
PERK IIHildebrand, K
The STRIKE Trial: Sustaining Total Knee Arthroplasty ROM by Introducing KEtotifenHildebrand, K
Spinal cord injury registryHo, C
Retrospective review of cases of surgically-identified aortitis at 3 Canadian centresHong, J
Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Gestational Diabetes on the Cardiovascular Health of the ChildHornberger, L
Local Thyroid Nodule Aspiration Cytopathology and Malignancy IncidenceHoudek, D
HIV RegistryHouston, S
Sexual and Reproductive Health International SurveyHughes, C
Biologic DMARD pharmacosurveillance program for rheumatoid arthritisJones, B
Identifying biologic refractory disease in rheumatoid arthritisJones, B
Association Between b/tsDMARDs and Weight Change in Patients with Inflammatory ArthritisJones, B
Biologic DMARD PrescribingJones, B / Yacyshyn, E
The Alberta Back Care (ABC) pathway for low back painKawchuk, G
Derm Rheum Educational Tool for Autoimmune Manifestations (DREAM)Keeling, S
Lupus StudyKeeling, S
Rheumatoid Arthritis Biologic/Non BiologicKeeling, S
ON TRAACKeeling, S / Katz, S
IMPACT COVIDKeeling, S / Maksymowych, W
Hypertension Clinic RegistryKhan, N
SWI – Vancomycin Sternal WoundKhani-Hanjani, A / Mullen J
Digital health in Canadian schools of nursing: curricular content and educator capacityKleib, M
Hemiarch vs extended arch in aortic dissection – a systematic analysis by randomized trial (HEADSTART)Kotha, V
Beta Lactam AllergyKrick, C
Contemporary practice in renal replacement therapyKutsogiannis, J
Dialysis Modalities in the ICUKutsogiannis, J
Novel tests for antibody responses and a stress biomarker panel for COVID-19: elucidation of immune responses and markers of disease severityLam, G
Noise Reduction and Non-pharmacological Strategies in the ICU as a Quality Initiative for Delirium PreventionLaPierre, L
Addressing Treatment Gaps in COPD: A Pilot Study of Community Pharmacist Case-Finding and Evaluation of Evidence-Based PharmacotherapyLee, S-Y
The effect of neighborhood (community) context on health – built environment, socioeconomic status and the prevalence of osteoarthritisLiu, X
Urban-Rural Difference in Clinical Outcomes for Patients with Bullous Pemphigoid in North-Central AlbertaMacGillivrary, M
COPD treatment and management in the communityMakhinova, T
E-HealsMakowsky, M
FORCASTMaksymowych, W
SPARCCMaksymowych, W
BETTER InstituteManca, D
Hyperbilirubinemia: A database study in Alberta to examine testing and treatment of neonatal jaundice in healthy term infants before and after implementation of a new clinical practice guidelineMcNeil, D
Alberta Collaborative Quality Improvement Strategies to Improve Outcomes of Preterm Infants 32-36 weeks' GestationMehrem, A
PPI DeprescribingMehta, R
BMS Apixiban BiomarkersMitchell, L
Rheum4UMosher, D/ Emrick, A/Barber, C
A Gendered Framework for Understanding [Canadian] African Immigrant Resilience in Transnational [Canadian] ContextsOkeke-Iheririka, P
d-dimer use in emergency departmentOliver, M / Wu, C
RxFoodOlstad, D / Dunn, S
TechnomedPadwal, R
Hemodialysis ProjectPannu, N
Improving Post Discharge Care after AKIPannu, N
REPOSEPapathanassoglou, E
Evaluating the impact of a primary care management pathway for obstructive sleep apneaPendharkar, S
ACE Team (HIV project)Poon, K
Risk of venous thromboembolism in hospitalized cystic fibrosis patientsRegan, S
Tracking Outcomes of Lower Limb OsseointegrationRehani, M
Family support directed programRobles, M
A Quality Improvement Project to Address lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) by pharmacists in the communitySadowski, C
PILUTSSadowski, C
Clinical Pregnancy Success Rates Post Fallopian Tube Recanalization in an Edmonton Cohort, a retrospective studySamji, R / Poonja, A
PIAAFSandhu, R / McAlister, F
Patient and parent impressions of medical cannabis use in pediatric oncology and palliative careSchlosser, MP
RAFTSivakumaran, S
Nurse Practitioner Management of AFSmigorowsky, M / Tsuyuki, RT
MS Cannabis SurveySmyth, P
MS RegistrySmyth, P
Nurse Practitioner Management of MSSmyth, P
CCI-001Spratlin, J
Hepatitis CSwain, M
A Population Approach to Improving Hypertension Management in the Community Using Pharmacists’ Advanced Scope of Practice in Alberta – A Cluster Randomized Trial of the Hypertension Canada Certification ProgramTsuyuki, R / Al Hamarneh Y / Watson K
EPI-RxISK Mobile ApplicationTsuyuki, R / Al Hamarneh, Y
RxIALTA StudyTsuyuki, R / Morgan, A
RxING RegistryTsuyuki, R / Okada, H
RxOUTMAP RegistryTsuyuki, R
RxPATH (Hypertension Registry)Tsuyuki, R / Watson, K
BPAP in patients with cystic fibrosis and hypercapnic respiratory failureWalton, S
WCCHN Family SatisfactionWilliams, E
ENACT (Professional Abstinence)Wu, Q
Association of daily physician activity and aortic distensibility across the heart failure continuumYavari, M
SARS-CoV-2 Adaptation: modeling and monitoring long term viral evolutionYeaman, S
CHOICE Study (hepatitis C in opioid users)Young, C
The impact of community-based healthcare interventions in reducing the burden of cardiovascular and kidney disease in indigenous and remote communities: A scoping review protocolZaidi, D
QCARxE (Implementation of EPI-RxISK in Qatar)Zolezzi, M