Appendix A 18-19

Appendix A – Current Projects

ProjectPrincipal Investigators/Co-investigators/Project Managers
New program for frail geriatrics in primary careAbbasi, M
Early implant failure in guided versus non guided implant placementsAbdelhay, N
Effect of local antibiotic delivery for treating periodontitis in patients with diabetesAbdelhay, N
Perceived self-efficacy and oral health outcomes among adolescentsAbdelhay, N
Periodontitis innovative treatmentsAbdelhay, N
Anti-platelet prescribing patterns post CABG in patients treated post-ACSAckman, M
Innovative ways to treat periodontitisAddison, O
Improving access to community addiction and mental health services through a multifaceted approachAgyapong, V
RxEACH CKDAl Hamarneh, Y / Tsuyuki, R
Validation of the AB-VTE database to determine admission status using Z-VTE algorithmAlotaibi, G
PEGASIS: Pan-Edmonton Group Addressing Social Isolation of SeniorsAnderson, S
Healthcare aids at assisted living facilitiesAwosoga
GLADIATORBagshaw, S & Singh, G
Chronic disease management of COPDBakal, J
The prevalence of low value care in AlbertaBakal, J
Parent-reported outcomes for swallowing dysfunction in the otherwise healthy infants and toddlersBaqays, A
Rheum4UBarber, C
A population approach to improving hypertension…Beahm, N
GLS from Biplane Contrast EchoBecher, H
IMAGE -CAD StudyBecher, H/Sarban, V
Improving outcomes in vulnerable pregnant womenBell, R
APRoNBell, R / Letourneau
Improving access to quality of life of chronic disease care for the Canadian high risk patient through eHealth….Bello, A
SMART-CareBello, A
Telemonitoring for improved kidney outcomes (TIKO)Bello, A
CPR SimulationsBelmurugiah, N
Using community engagement to define health research priorities in maternal-child and family health for the community settingBenzies, K
Patient perspectives regarding barriers to accessing care through the Northern Peripheral Nerve ClinicBeveridge, J
Treatment with ursodeoxycholic acid…Billington, E
Canadian Network for the Treatment of Intellectual DisabilityBolduc, F
Genomin analysis in patients with neurological disordersBolduc, F
Supplement use after exercisingBomhof
Family research agenda initiative setting projectBrockway, M
A Prairie Province Institutional Based Practices for VTE Prophylaxis in Medical PatientsBungard, T
AMS DatabaseBungard, T
Audit of Practice for the Management of AVTBungard, T
Low Molecular Weight HeparinBungard, T
VTE Audit 2014-2017Bungard, T
VTE Audit 2015/2016Bungard, T
Warfarin Management Pilot StudyBungard, T
Warfarin requirements in mechanical valve patientsBungard, T
Bone health in patients with osteoporosisBurt
Pharmacists Prescribing and Managing and Mental HealthBurton, D
Why Wait? A shared care case conference model to improve diabetes care deliveryButalia, S
LASERButcher, K
C-PASSButcher, K/Sivakumar, L
ICH ADAPT IIButcher, K/Sivakumar, L
5AsT-CCampbell-Scherer, D
PLP collaboration with CRSCampbell-Scherer, D
Cirrhosis Care Alberta Program (CCAP)Carbonneau, M
Deprescribing in the elderlyCarr, F
CMV infection and disease in high-risk transplant recipients (CMV donor positive and recipient negative) in the era of universal prophylaxisCervera, C
Pilot study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) for bowel decolonization of Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium.Cervera, C
Diabetes foot care clinical pathwayChan, C
Brain Cooling StudyChan, Michael/Dunn, M
Statistical consultation on reviewers’ commentsChan, Ming
Barriers to accessing care through the Northern Peripheral Nerve ClinicChan, Ming/Beveridge, J
Health care access for an immigrant communityChowdhury, T
NPY Meeting 2019 Website DevelopmentColmers, W
Stand to strengthen? A cluster RCT to reduce sedentary time and improve the functional capacity and quality of life of older adults in assisted livingCopeland, J
Cancer tumor criteria reclassificationCraig, S
Inter-observer variability in follicular thyroid neoplasms….Craig, S
Multidisciplinary interventions for cancer related fatigue in the advanced cancer populationCulos-Reed, N
Deprescribing of antipsychoticsCummings
ABLE - cGVHD StudyCuvelier, G
Acculturation and evolving cardiovascular disease: an unhealthy dyadDafoe, W
Implications of Multiple Complications and Bariatric SurgeryDang, J
Evidence-based update to the Canadian Clinical Practice Guideline for Exercise during pregnancyDavenport, M
Integrated support care pathwayDavidson, S
Fibrosis case finding in the communityDavyduke, T
Prebiotics for Prevention of Ulcerative ColitisDieleman, L
Prebiotics vs Probiotics Patient KnowledgeDieleman, L / Silva, M
Promoting safer sex in the context of heterosexual anal intercourseDouglas, G / Stewart, J / Gammel, C
Preoperative alpha-blockade for pheochromocytoma resection: Canada Vs USADuttchen, K
SMART-002Dziwenka, M
Quality of care in a novel Alberta Refugee Health Care CentreFabreau, G
Does approach affect cost per case in total hip arthroplastyFairgrieve-Park
BETTER Program InstituteFernandes, C
PACMAN – Phase 1Freedman, S
PACMAN – Phase 2Freedman, S
Change in SDMT and CVLT-2Fujiwara
Economic analysis of two different treatments for colon cancerFung, C
Neoplastic Thyroid UltrasoundFung, C
Northern Alberta Cirrhosis CohortGarcia, L/Tandon, P
Building brains and futureGibb, R
Telephone survivor clinics for early breast cancerGiese-Davis, J
Impact of Improving CPR Quality on Patient Outcome in PICUGilfoyle, E
Validation of a triage audit process in an urban emergency departmentGillespie, W
Enhanced recovery after surgeryGilmour, L
Using community engagement to define health research priorities in maternal-child and family health for the community settingGinn, C / Keys, E
Psoriasis management in the communityGniadecki, R
Comparison between soft dressing and vacuum heard dressing in amputation patientsGodziuk, K
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder – Is this a ciliopathy?Goez, H
Enhancing recovery Canada….Gramlich, L
INFORMGramlich, L/Dhaliwal, R
The complex care hubGrinman, M
Introduction of heparin assay for the monitoring of UFH based treatmentGuirguis, M
Pilot study of a computerized decision-support system used to better support care providers in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolismHaubrich, S
A pragmatic patient preference randomized trial of drug tapering in rheumatoid arthritisHazelwood, G
DCE in RA, CD and IBSHazelwood, G
Impact in changes in weight post lung transplantHirji, A
Rheum4U ExpansionHirota, C
Spinal cord injury registryHo, C
Longitudinal follow-up for spinal cord injuryHo, C / McKenzie, N
Retrospective review of cases of surgically-identified aortitis at 3 Canadian centresHong, J
EMS Microbiome ProjectHudson, A
HIV SurveyHughes, C
ComPure StudyHuntsman, R
IBD Clinical Decision Making (CDM) SurveyHuynh, H
Sustaining transfers through affordable research translation (START)Ickert, C
Disease severity assessment and the impact on choice of induction Isaac, DM
Collaborative approach in child and youth mental healthJackson, M
Patient assessment tool for older adultsJones, A
Biologic DMARD PrescribingJones, B
Improving health outcomes togetherKaba, A
W21 collaborationKaufman, J
Derm Rheum Educational Tool for Autoimmune Manifestations (DREAM)Keeling, S
Rheumatoid Arthritis Biologic/Non BiologicKeeling, S
ON-TRAACKeeling, S / Katz, S
Using community engagement to define health research priorities in maternal-child and family health for the community settingKeys, E
Hypertension Clinic RegistryKhan, N
SWI – Vancomycin Sternal WoundKhani-Hanjani, A
KYMITTKing-Shier, K
Digital health in Canadian schools of nursing: curricular content and educator capacityKleib, M
CHANGE Workplace ProgramKlein, D
Drug AppKoshman, S / Chan, T
Hemiarch vs extended arch in aortic dissection – a systematic analysis by randomized trial (HEADSTART)Kotha, V
Contemporary practice in renal replacement therapyKutsogiannis, J
Bioethics and consciousness decision makingLamb, C
Multi-view ThreeDimensional Fusion EchocardiographyLamb, T
Tracking delirium in critical careLaPierre, L
Bone fracture in patients with hemopheliaLee, A
Public health initiative in the communityLee, K
Immunization in alive organ transplant patientsLee, N
Improving quality of care in Sturgeon hospitalLeon, H
Experience of parents and children with neurodevelopment disordersLeung, B
Course designLindberg, M
Telehealth in rural patients with CKDLunney
Effects of an ICU Diary on PTSD SymptomMacDonald, G
Patient perception of certain aspects of colorectal cancer treatmentMacDonald, K
Islet Core DatabaseMacDonald, P
Dietary Therapy in UCMadsen, K
C-STOPMajumdar, S / Beaupre, L
C-STOP+ Extension StudyMajumdar, S / Beaupre, L
COPD treatment and management in the communityMakhinova, T
FORCASTMaksymowych, W
RAPPORT - NewfoundlandMaksymowych, W
RAPPORT EdmontonMaksymowych, W
Novel clinical trials in islet and stem cell transplantation, restoration of immune tolerance and beta cell regenerationMalcolm, A
BETTER Project (Registry)Manca, D
Advancing provider use of collaborative goal-setting and patient-reported measure in community rehabilitation settings in AlbertaManhas, K
Treatment of resistant depressionMann, U
Adolescent and family mental healthMarsh, R
Colorectal cancer questionnaireMarshall, D
Evaluation Framework of the Cardiovascular Health and Stroke….McEwan, M
What is the utility of mycobacterial urine cultures?McFarlane, A
Critical Care Strategic Clinical Network….McIntosh, C
Exoskeletal assisted walking in acute rehab following spinal cord injuryMcIntosh, K
Community pharmacist intervention in chronic diseasesMichail, K
Effect of STEEPO method of handover on MTU….Minhas, R
ABLE - ThrombosisMitchell, L
BMS Apixiban BiomarkersMitchell, L
Bariatric ClinicModi
Community family physician, Xenon gas foam echosclerotherapyMorison, N
Rheum4UMosher, D/Devoe, D/Emrick, A/Barber, C
Project INSPIRE: Integrated Screening Pathways in Primary CareMosli, M
Specific intervention for the rehabilitation of walking after SCI: Role of the armsMushahwar, V
Provincial patient registry for lymphedema and lymphatic disordersNarine, K
Mutual maintaining mechanisms underlying the co-occurrence of PTSD and chronic pain in youthNoel, M
Pediatric malnutrition screeningNorton, L
Stress in new immigrant mothersNwoke
RAPPORT - BiologicsOhinmaa, A/Institute of Health Economics
International Collaboration Qualitative ResearchOkada, H
Establishing the role of specialized mask fitting in adherence to non-invasive ventilation in childrenOlmstead, D
Hypertension Clinic RegistryPadwal, R
TechnomedPadwal, R
Improving Post Discharge Care after AKIPannu, N
REPOSEPapathanassoglou, E
Elderly patients with obesity and osteoarthritisPark, E
Understanding barriers to diabetic foot examination for patients and primary care providersParsons, L
Nurse practitioner role in palliative carePasiorowski, A
Model of care for sleep-disordered breathingPendharkar, S
Osteosarcoma Progression: a role for β-catenin/Active β-cateninPersad, S
Intranasal Insulin for HIV-associated dementiaPower, C
ABLE - Cisplatin and Hearing lossRassekh, R
Risk of venous thromboembolism in hospitalized cystic fibrosis patientsRegan, S
Mobili-T (portable swallowing therapy system)Rieger, J
Prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder by the use of technologyRiley, N
Evaluating the effectiveness of a patient navigator service….Ryan, L
Cystic FibrosisSaad, E
Antibiotics in Cystic FibrosisSaad, E/Brown, N
Feasibility of a community pharmacy intervention for lower urinary tract symptomsSadowski, C
Medication management in older adultsSadowski, C
Evaluating the effectiveness of a patient navigator service to improve healthcare delivery during transition to adult care for youth/young adults with chronic health issuesSamuel, S
PIAAFSandhu, R / McAlister, F
ABLESchultz, K
Perceived self-efficacy and oral health outcomes among adolescentsSharifzadeh-Amin, M
Radiology residents burnoutShiau, G / Ferguson, C
Prebiotics vs Probiotics Patient KnowledgeSilva, M
Mystery CRTSivakumaran, S
RAFTSivakumaran, S
Nurse Practitioner Management of AFSmigorowsky, M / Tsuyuki, RT
Blood Clots in People with CFSmith, M
Nurse Practitioner Management of MSSmyth, P
Impact of older age on the tolerability and toxicities of adjuvant chemotherapySoleimani, M
Acquired hemophilia: clinical characteristics and managementSun, L
Flare ups in patients with IBDSutton, R
ANSdTandon, P
Breast reconstruction surgeryTemple, C
A Pilot Randomized Control Trial Comparing the BRECONDA with the Healthwise Breast Reconstruction Decision AidTemple-Oberle, C
Population approach to improving hypertension management in the community using pharmacists’ advance scope of practice in AlbertaTsuyuki, R
EPI·RxISK™ Mobile ApplicationTsuyuki, R / Al Hamarneh, Y
RxEACH Mobile AppTsuyuki, R / Al Hamarneh, Y
RxEACH RegistryTsuyuki, R / Al Hamarneh, Y
RxEACH Risk CalculatorTsuyuki, R / Al Hamarneh, Y
RxOUTMAPTsuyuki, R / Beahm N
RxIALTA StudyTsuyuki, R / Morgan, A
RxING JapanTsuyuki, R / Okada, H
RxING RegistryTsuyuki, R / Okada, H
Glycemic control after CABG in patients with type 2 diabetesTurgeon, R
Examining the effect of knowledge translation interventions on uptake of evidence-based practice by health care aides in long-term care and assisted-living facilitiesTworek, K
Post AF ablation pilot studyValtuille, L
SPA-LTC InitiativeVenturato, L
Community, inflammatory bowel disease registryWalters, B
Oncocytic adrenal neoplasmsWatson, J
Clinical characteristics and determinants of outcomes of pulmonary hypertension patients in AlbertaWeatherald, J
Breast cancer survivors preferencesWebb, C
Improving the clinical identification of ACL tears….Whittaker, J
Prediction Rule for ACL TearsWhittaker, J
Major bleeding with low-molecular-weight heparins in dialysis patientsWu, C
Developing, implementing, and evaluating in-hospital practices to promote physical activity in children undergoing treatment for cancerWurz, A
Aligning quality improvement curricula with competency-based education Yacyshyn, E
Biologic DMARD Prescribing Patterns in Elderly Patients with RAYacyshyn, E
Retrospective review of case of surgically identified aortitisYacyshyn, E
Satisfaction SurveyYacyshyn, E
Syrian refugees innovation clinicsYanicki
Association of daily physician activity and aortic distensibility across the heart failure continuumYavari, M
Clinical & community engagement in gestational diabetes educationYeung, R
CHOICE Study (hepatitis C in opioid users)Young, C
Drug induced osteoporosisYuksel, N
Practice tool for hormonal contraception for pharmacistsYuksel, N
ABLE - Cisplatin and Kidney DiseaseZappitelli, M
Assessing quality of KT modelsZimmermann, G