Today’s healthcare challenges need team-based, flexible, sustainable solutions.

Established within the University of Alberta in 2003, the Centre for COMmunity Pharmacy Research and Interdisciplinary Strategies (c/COMPRIS) is a unique multidisciplinary health research centre with a focus on practice based research. c/COMPRIS is multi-disciplinary in nature and promotes inter-professional care, professional development, and evaluation to improve health outcomes. c/COMPRIS is a subsidiary of the Epidemiology Coordinating and Research (EPICORE) Centre and shares space and resources, purchasing services from the parent centre.

The specific objectives of c/COMPRIS are:

    1. To design, implement, analyze, publicize, and promote community practice research
    2. To act as a resource for practice research stakeholders to conduct, promote, apply and integrate research, education, training and practice
    3. To identify and steward resources (human, intellectual and financial) connected to practice research
    4. To apply clinical trials methodology to examine the impact of a) collaboration between pharmacists, physicians and other healthcare professionals, and b) community pharmacist intervention in disease management programs
    5. To deliver education and training in practice research
    6. To advocate and support translation of research results into Canadian health care policy and sustained pharmacy practice change

c/COMPRIS links professional organizations, the health care industry researchers and educators from the University of Alberta and other institutions.

Vision Statement

To be the leading internationally recognized coordinating centre for pharmacy practice research.
We envision pharmacists engaged in patient-centered care, supported by high quality research evidence of its efficacy, empowered in their work environment, continuously developing their professional skills, and recognized for their important contributions to patient care.

Mission Statement

To demonstrate, support, and promote the development of new and renewed roles for pharmacists within the interdisciplinary health-care team.